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My Little Pony: Purchases

I’ve had a very pony-filled couple of weeks.

I bought these from a very nice person on Facebook.  In one smooth transaction, I cleared six off my wish list.

Gingerbread, Snowflake, Parasol, Moonstone, Blossom, Moondancer

Gingerbread, Snowflake, Parasol, Moonstone, Blossom, Moondancer

Also that day, a package arrived for my husband.  I texted him a picture of it (never text my husband saying “parcel for you”, he always wants a picture, so he can guess what’s in it), and he sent back.  “Can’t remember what’s in that.  Could you open it for me?”

Mystery Parcel (29 April)

Mystery Parcel (29 April)

To be honest, he does this a lot, and I usually seethe a little more than I did this day, as I work from home and really shouldn’t be opening post as it arrives.  However, I was riding a pony high, so obligingly opened it.

Contents of Mystery Parcel (29 April)

Contents of Mystery Parcel (29 April)
Bubbles, Sweet Stuff and Posey

And in one mystery parcel, I cleared another two off my wish list.  How awesome is my husband?

I hasten to add, it’s not that I don’t want any pony, my wish list comprises the ponies I really want to own right now.  And since I’ve cleared a slew of them, I’ll be updating it soon.

Also, I received Baby Cotton Candy, a crib and a stroller.  And a week later I came by a MLP Annual from 1988 and yet more custom hair.  This time from Retro Dolls.

At a car boot, I managed to find five Gen 3s, all with accessories at £2 each, and about half an hour ago, wonderful husband of mine just walked in with another Gen 3 that he’d found at the market.  This one is Cherry Blossom (II).  Again I say: how awesome is my husband?  And actually, he’s more awesome than you think.  After he handed me Cherry Blossom, he said, “I’m pretty sure she’s a Gen 3, and I checked her hooves for the Hasbro mark, then I checked her for pony cancer and rusty butt.”  Yes, yes, I married someone that cool.

I do have photos of some G3s, but it’s still a work in progress, I’m thinking of doing massive picspam pages for each generation.

My Collection (22 April 2015)

My Collection (22 April 2015)

And a few weeks later:

My Collection (9 May 2015)

My Collection (9 May 2015)

Please note there’s another Dream Castle (rather baity) on the floor in front of the shelves.

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My Little Pony: Car Boot Purchases

I did pretty well last week, I went shopping with a friend, and managed to find the MLP notepad and pen set in Wilkinsons.  I also tried to get my friend to buy the same for work, but since she’s a probate lawyer, she said no.  I then tried to get her to buy a set with “thoughts of a genius” written on it.  She also said no.  She does not have my arrogance.

Then on Sunday, Craig and I hit the car boot.  I got the purple Phony and Strawberry Reef (very pink pony with red hair) for 50p each, and I generally believe it’s good luck to buy a phony at a car boot.

And I was rewarded with a bag of ponies for £2 in total.  It contained 3x Gen 3 and 3x Gen 2 (and that tiny pink pony).  Definitely a win.

Goodies - 19 April 2015

Goodies – 19 April 2015

I also got two barbies, because they were cute.  Also in the pic is Morning Glory (a gift from Nickerty Split) and Lucky (my 10p find at the first boot sale I went to).  Not sure why.

Anyway, when purchasing my mixed bag of ponies, the seller gave me a tip.  “I find,” she said, “when they get a bit grubby, I just pop ’em in the dishwasher.”  In response, my jaw dropped in horror, and husband quickly jumped in with thanks on that tip.

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Four Oxy baths later and her body is finally free of the rust that was inside it.  However, her mane and tail are awful.  I asked Nickerty what to do, and she said to just call time of death and customise her.  I’m going to try a few more washes, and maybe some light straightening using copious amounts of conditioner and the iron on its lowest setting, but ultimately, I’ll probably just re-root her using some hair I’ve got lying around.  Not her original colours, because I don’t have any of the right colours.

I haven’t even got the heads off the others, but I fear the worst.  I will say that Sunny Daze is now beautifully clean.

I also had success today, but I’ve not had chance to photo them yet.

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