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My Little Pony: Purchases

I’ve had a very pony-filled couple of weeks.

I bought these from a very nice person on Facebook.  In one smooth transaction, I cleared six off my wish list.

Gingerbread, Snowflake, Parasol, Moonstone, Blossom, Moondancer

Gingerbread, Snowflake, Parasol, Moonstone, Blossom, Moondancer

Also that day, a package arrived for my husband.  I texted him a picture of it (never text my husband saying “parcel for you”, he always wants a picture, so he can guess what’s in it), and he sent back.  “Can’t remember what’s in that.  Could you open it for me?”

Mystery Parcel (29 April)

Mystery Parcel (29 April)

To be honest, he does this a lot, and I usually seethe a little more than I did this day, as I work from home and really shouldn’t be opening post as it arrives.  However, I was riding a pony high, so obligingly opened it.

Contents of Mystery Parcel (29 April)

Contents of Mystery Parcel (29 April)
Bubbles, Sweet Stuff and Posey

And in one mystery parcel, I cleared another two off my wish list.  How awesome is my husband?

I hasten to add, it’s not that I don’t want any pony, my wish list comprises the ponies I really want to own right now.  And since I’ve cleared a slew of them, I’ll be updating it soon.

Also, I received Baby Cotton Candy, a crib and a stroller.  And a week later I came by a MLP Annual from 1988 and yet more custom hair.  This time from Retro Dolls.

At a car boot, I managed to find five Gen 3s, all with accessories at £2 each, and about half an hour ago, wonderful husband of mine just walked in with another Gen 3 that he’d found at the market.  This one is Cherry Blossom (II).  Again I say: how awesome is my husband?  And actually, he’s more awesome than you think.  After he handed me Cherry Blossom, he said, “I’m pretty sure she’s a Gen 3, and I checked her hooves for the Hasbro mark, then I checked her for pony cancer and rusty butt.”  Yes, yes, I married someone that cool.

I do have photos of some G3s, but it’s still a work in progress, I’m thinking of doing massive picspam pages for each generation.

My Collection (22 April 2015)

My Collection (22 April 2015)

And a few weeks later:

My Collection (9 May 2015)

My Collection (9 May 2015)

Please note there’s another Dream Castle (rather baity) on the floor in front of the shelves.

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My Little Pony: Mystery Post and Dream Castle

So this week has been a ridiculously good week in terms of ponies.  First of all, there was the excitement of the mystery post.

I work from home, and I haven’t had a desk in the office for nearly two years, so I was a little surprised when Facilities emailed me to say there was a package for me on reception.  “Sarah Canfield” is not exactly the most common name in the world so they were pretty certain it was for me.  They phoned to check, and my married surname was on there too, so it had to be for me.  I gave them my address, and then quickly emailed all my friends to see whether they’d had a package too — was it work-related?  Friends quickly confirmed that no packages were being sent to them.  Then supportively added that it was probably a gift-wrapped P45 (the form you get when you and a company part ways).  My friends are adorable.

So, I worried for a day, and practically hung up on my manager when there was a knock at the door with the post.

This is what my mystery post contained:

Morning Glory (flash)

Morning Glory

And once I knew it contained a pony, I was fairly sure who had sent it.  Once I checked the name of the pony, Morning Glory, I was certain.  It was my friend Nickerty-Split, who commented on my first post about ponies.  She is made of awesome.

Next up, a batch of bait ponies I’d been watching for a week came to an end.  And I got scooped in the last six seconds.  So I raged to Nic, and we talked about her must-have pony, Moonstone.  While looking on eBay for a suitable pony, I found a dream castle, which I paid less than £20 for, including post fees.  And this is it:

[wonderplugin_gallery id=”1″]

(Photos from Gem’s Pony Treasure, used with permission.)

Yes, it needs a bit of work, but I think it’s a bargain.  Now I just have to wait for it to arrive.  My poor husband has been dealing with me randomly yelling “CASTLE!” ever since I won it.


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My Little Pony: Car Boot Purchases

So, after a quick trip around Yorkshire, I am £2.50 worse off, but I do have new toys.

My first find was a naked Barbie for 50p.  Craig (husband) said I should’ve argued down to 20p, but I’m rubbish at stuff like that.  So he took charge after that.

Next up, we found a pink pony, not an official MLP, but a “fakie”. (Why on earth are these things not referred to as My Little Phonies?  Seriously fandom, you missed a trick.)  That one was 10p, which Craig treated me to.  A few minutes later I found what I thought was a really good Phony, but turned out to be an original Gen 1 baby brother, for 20p.  He’s called “Lucky the Stallion”.  What is he, like the Fabio of Equestria?

Pink Phony and Lucky the Stallion

Pink Phony and Lucky the Stallion

Next up Craig located a slew of Barbies, which we were offered at £2 the lot, including clothes, which provided enough to clothe the naked Barbie I bought earlier (she’s on the far left).



The haul includes Pocahontas, which I didn’t even realise until we were in the car going home (as they were all naked, stacked on top of the clothes), and a darker Barbie, which is why Craig pointed her out.  The ultimate goal is to customise these dolls until they look like characters from the Talking Dead.  Also, by “darker”, I mean like a teensy-tiny bit darker with black hair.  I’m thinking of dying her and Pocahontas until they’re the right skin tones for purpose, but for the time being, it was a good start.  The middle doll has lovely hair.  A bit fluffy, but long and uncut and exactly the right colour for Flick.

The barbie with the buzzcut (we all had one, didn’t we?) is getting re-rooted with pink hair, which I bought from MyLittleCustoms (I bought Fairy’s Breath and CandyTuft, I’m going with the latter for Charlie).  As for the one on the far left, my first purchase, I’m not sure about her.  She might get customised into Eva, since she seems to have nice hair and I’m never short of red hair dye in the house.  Not actually sure that you can use people hair dye on dolls though, but it is only wash-in-wash-out stuff.  Failing that, she’ll become Red, so either way, she’s getting red hair.

The clothes are pretty ragged, but can be fixed quite easily.  Also, they’ll be good for patterns, when I come to make custom clothes for them.  The top on the far left is wrecked, but if it wasn’t pink and red, it’s something Tam would wear.  Also in the bundle of dolls was an ugly thing that I don’t even know what it is and a GI Joe, which I have no interest in, but he’s wearing cargo pants, which will quickly be appropriated for Tam, who is all about the comfy clothes that can carry many weapons.

So, all in all, a successful trip.

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My Little Ponies – Restoration Project

I visited my mother this weekend, and I came away with a car (thanks, mum!) and also anticipated that I would be roped into dealing with something electrical – last time it was setting up a printer (which turned into a ‘splosion of rage, wherein I informed mother I could not deal with making her ancient Windows XP laptop play with her brand-new Windows 8-compatible printer).

As it turned out she needed a new batter in a smoke alarm (yes, the really old kind) in the loft room. Craig (husband) volunteered to sort this out, went upstairs, and called out, “Wife… your ponies are ganging up on me!”

I went upstairs and found Craig basically surrounded by these:

My Little Pony - Generation 1 - Pre-Restoration

My Little Pony – Generation 1 – Pre-Restoration
(Back: Whizzer, Hopscotch, Tutti-Frutti, Coco Berry a.k.a. Chocolate Chip , Twirler, Wigwam;
Middle: Magic Hat, Cotton Candy, Applejack, Mommy Apple Delight, Daddy Apple Delight, Strawberry Fair, Bouquet;
Front: Spike, Babies: Bow-Tie, Lickety-Split (first tooth), Snowflake, Brother Apple Delight, Baby Apple Delight, Cuddles)

I then sat down on the floor and explained the nature of the relationships between them. I swear husband’s eyes glazed over, but he later said that I was “the cutest thing ever”.

If you want to know, Strawberry Fair is best friends with Bouquet, and they adopted Snowflake (who has no cutie mark and no official name because she was a gift from the MLP Fanclub in the 80s), and I was pretty convinced that Daddy Apple Delight was in love with Strawberry Fair because Mommy Apple Delight appears a bit clingy. The only other male is Wigwam, but he never wanted to date anyone. Craig asked if he was gay, I thought he might be, but on reflection, I think he’s probably asexual, because he never craved any kind of romantic attachment.

Then we both decided that since Strawberry Fair and Bouquet were so close, and adopted a baby together, they might actually be a couple. They were certainly the leads in all of my stories back in the day.

Anyway I said I wanted to take some home with me. Then I said all of them (because the others can never know that they’re not my favourites). Then Craig asked where they’d live. So then I said none of them. Then I looked at them again. Then I said all of them.

With that decided, I got googling. At first my google searches were a bit general (how to wash doll hair), and then I got more specific, which led me to The My Little Pony Preservation Project.  Also, I used to identify the ponies I couldn’t remember the names of.

And now I’m on a roll. I’m going to post my progress.

And finally, I want to show you Gusty. Gusty is not my original pony. I never owned Gusty back in the day, but when I went to my best friend’s house, she always let me have Gusty as my pony when we played. I loved Gusty. I mentioned this to Carla once.

A couple of weeks later, Gusty arrived in the post as a gift. ♥

So, now I’ve introduced her to Strawberry Fair and Bouquet and Snowflake, and I hope she’ll settle in nicely.

Gusty, Snowflake, Strawberry Fair

Gusty, Snowflake, Strawberry Fair

(No pictures of Bouquet, because I haven’t cleaned her yet.)

As you can see, there are some stains on Strawberry Fair – biro marks and felt pen.  Although you can’t see it, Snowflake has the same thing, where I drew a cutie mark on her.  I’m working on ways to get these off the ponies, and I plan to curl their hair once they are fully clean.  If the hair cannot be tamed, I’m going to re-root it, having nipped out to the shops to buy all the necessary to make a tool to do this, although I couldn’t get to the market to buy the synthetic hair needed.  I’m watching a few “bait” ponies on eBay (a pony someone has deemed so unuseable, there’s no point in doing anything than ripping it up for the parts to make a custom pony) to practice re-rooting the hair on.  I’m not touching my precious babies until I’ve got this hair thing down.

Gusty has turned beige, so I need to stick her in a window and sun bleach her back to normal.  Thankfully, Mum had kept my ponies on the floor, right where the sun caught them, so she’s inadvertently done a lot of sun bleaching on my behalf already.

Also, there are two Gen 2 or 3 ponies in the background.  I just bought them about five years ago so I had something cute to put on my desk.  I need to identify them, but they’re low priority because they’re not my childhood ponies

Anyway, I feel a new obsession coming on.

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