About Sarah Canfield

It’s all about the Tea and Terror here.

If you’ve come here expecting to find out how qualified I am to have opinions on anything, you’re out of luck.  I dropped out of school aged 15 and have been working ever since.  My favourite job of all time was working for a funeral director.  Everything else has ranged between “awesome” (my current job, for example) and “we’ll never make it out of here alive”.

Things I like:

  • Tea.  Tetley.  White.  With one and a half.  I’m English.
  • The wrestling.  I love the storytelling, the athleticism and the sheer panto vibe it gives off. I was interviewed by the Yorkshire Evening Post about my love of it (with the soon-to-be-hubby).
    • My “Fave Five” on the roster are: Dean Ambrose, CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Heath Slater, Seth Rollins, Edge, Christian, Kane, Daniel Bryan, the Bella Twins (Nikki being my favourite), Nattie and AJ.  I still miss Trent Barreta.
  • Socks.  I’m not kidding.  Words cannot express the joy that I get from putting on a brand new pair of socks.
  • When my cats do “Satan face” after feeding.  Big eyes.  Too much energy.  Wall of death.
  • Skype.  Carla and I have got a lot better at writing together since we started Skyping.  And I feel bad that I spent a year making up excuses as to why I couldn’t get a webcam.

Things I don’t like:

  • The way permalinks in WordPress will be generated as I type up the entry.  I feel harried.  I feel like WordPress is judging how long it takes me to complete an entry.  I also feel rushed into committing to a title.  Having checked with the BFF, Carla, I am alone in this anxiety.
  • When my cats do “Satan face” at 3:00 am, when I’m trying to plot with Carla.
  • When I say I love the wrestling and people say “You know it’s fake, right?”  Uh-huh.  And you’re aware that Eastenders is not a gritty documentary, right?

Lots of other things.

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