The Strawberry Fair Army

I know I haven’t updated in ages.  I’m pretty sure I did post an update, but now I can’t find it.

I will at some point get up to date with my pony list.  However, I have to gloat about this…

[wonderplugin_gallery id=”3″]

I have a fleet of Strawberry Fairs.  And yes, this collection will keep growing.  Originally, I said I didn’t see the point of having more than one of any pony, but she’s special.  And now that I’ve got the G4 customs of her and her baby, I now need the same for G3.  I also need a boy pony of Strawberry Fair.  I just need ALL THE STRAWBERRY FAIRS!  (I will neither confirm nor deny the rumour I bought a dolls house, specifically to customise into SF colours, for my fleet to live in.)

I just need a moment to gloat on getting hold of the G4 customs.  They are by a very talented creator, starshinecustoms, and they are gorgeous.  It must have taken ages to paint all the strawberries on them, and G4s are small, so it would be fiddly work.  I’m just delighted with my purchase.

Note: everything is much prettier than it looks in the photos.  That particular room has a really orange light most of the time (when it’s not blue light from the computer).  It’s hard to get a good picture in that room, but since I was over-excited about my purchases, I just took some snaps anyway.