Reading Meme

What are you currently reading?

11/22/63 by Stephen King

I’ve been avoiding this one for awhile because while I love Stephen King and have a major hankering for pretty much everything he writes, I tend to get stuck on the political ones.  I read Dead Zone about ten years ago and the most I can say is, “Well, I finished it.”  I’m English, he’s American, I’m not good on my own politics, let alone anyone else’s and honestly, political commentary is not what I read horror for.


Time travel.  Freakin’ time travel.  To 1958.  And yes, my King-addled mind wondered idly if there would be a reference to It in there.  After a few pages, the book teased me with the reference, then delighted me with an entire scene (also a continuity error, but let’s not go there).

So, thus far, I’m enjoying.  I read King slowly, so I’ll probably be on this book for months.  Unlike Carla, who can read It in six days.  Seriously.

What did you recently finish reading?

Buddy, Buddy’s Song and Buddy’s Blues all by Nigel Hinton.  Recalling my youth and revelling in the books written and set during the time I was growing up.  I really love books set in England, naturally I identify more with them.  The last one was a major let-down though, for one thing they’ve made the peculiar decision to describe the BIG SPLASHY ENDING as the synopsis on Amazon, for another, it feels like the BIG SPLASHY ENDING was just there because one was expected (and to be honest, with YA/coming of age/romance/issues stories, it wasn’t – it’s not like it was horror or action where a final showdown is required).

What do you think you’ll read next?

Bumped and Thumped by Megan McCafferty, they’re both in my reading queue, and I’ve read a couple of chapters of Bumped, since it takes me ages to get through Stephen King now (I used to be able to read fast, but now there’s not enough time in the day).