Obligatory First Post

So, I have set up WordPress, I have fought with Twitter (and lost) and now, here I am, with my creepy green blog, all prepared to fill pages with… something.  I have no idea.

A quick “about me” style post? Ok, I’m in my 30s, I live in Leeds, I love horror movies and tea, preferably together, and every Saturday I have “Tea and Terror”, a horror movie watching/tea-drinking day, with one of my best friends, Kim.  When I’m not watching horror, I’m attempting to write it with my other best friend, Carla.  Carla was the one who suggested I start blogging again.  Sadly I miss the heady days when LiveJournal was the height of the blogging experience.  I was cool on LJ back in the day.

So, writing.  I’m better at fiction than blogging, third person past tense being a much easier way to write.  With first, I change tenses all the time.  I’m working on that.  I write what I love to read: strong, awesome young women; ghosts that do not rattle chains; the occasional vampire; and plenty of people with a whimsical approach to life.  Also: Garden Gnomes.

Current projects include:

Nox Series

1: Isolation
This is currently in third draft, with third readers for their comments.  We hope to send it out to agents by the end of the year.

2: Rage
Outline stage – part 2.  We outlined it thoroughly, and realised on the writing stage that it wasn’t right for the series or the characters, so we are looking at a major rewrite.

Very shallow outline stage.  Overall arcs outlined, but not chapter by chapter.

UK Horror Series

1: The Talking Dead and 2: Monsters and Music
Fully outlined.

3: Forgotten Love
Halfway through the outline stage.